Nature is the essence of every perfume, but also the soul of a collection that respects it. Today I want to tell you about my life, through liquid emotions.

The Zeromolecole project came to light in September 2010, after years of training and a careful study of raw materials, in the Turin artistic perfumery Maître Parfumeur, one of the firstof its genre in Italy in the 90s.

All fragrances have a gourmand common thread, innovative for the trends of that period.

The first creation and best seller of the line: Biancolatte.

Today the brand shows its new totally ecological packaging, using a recycled glass bottle and a wooden cap.

From the warmth of green and the beauty of gold, a new range with a well-defined personality is born, where each olfactory group show a different graphic texture.

This new line could be defined as “Alive” like these geometric lines, which are going to tell new and different stories.

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