“Today I tell you what it has means to me over the years to transform memories into liquid emotions. Nature is the essence of every fragrance, but also the soul of a collection that respects it.”

Stefania Marzufero Boni

The Zeromolecole brand was born in 2009 within “MAITRE PERFUMEUR”, one of the first Italian Artistic Perfumeries born in the early 90s. After years of training, experience and careful study of primary materials, the first fragrances were created in 2010, all of which have a gourmand thread, innovative for the trends of that time.

The skills accumulated over the years, guided Stefania in the creation of these wonderful fragrances: Biancolatte (2009) “Best Seller” of the line was the inspiration for this olfactory project. In the name “Zeromolecole” there is the whole philosophy of the Brand: “Zero”: the house number of the Perfumery where everything began; “Molecole”: encloses not only the architectural symbol of Turin “La Mole Antoneliana,” but also the molecules with which the fragrances are created. 

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